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Sansona Inc. utilizes dynamic systemic modification, the cultivation of positive emotions, psychological capital, and psychological fitness to optimize human potential, break down barriers, increase synergy, and shape a more efficient, invested, engaged, productive, safe, and gratifying enterprise.

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"Don't go through life, grow through life."

Eric Butterworth

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Sansona’s Progressive Action Training (P.A.T.) is a novel systemic approach in which carefully selected psychological dimensions are added to a company’s foundation in order to initiate a change, provide new opportunities and habitat for expansion, growth, and vision. This, in turn, provides employees with the energy, inspiration, and the motivation to do the job more efficiently, effectively, and safely as well as to enjoy their personal lives more.


By combining research with cutting edge delivery, Sansona’s goal is to take participants, especially travelers, on a journey into the meaningful and challenge them to make their happiness work a priority. Sansona specializes in helping hotels, resorts, and those in the travel and entertainment industry with setting up programs and offering strategies that improve level of approval, satisfaction, and fulfillment with the establishment.


The specific focuses of this program are the science behind human strengths, empirical attainment of positive emotions, and the things that make life worth living. The aim of Stand Up for Happiness Experience is to challenge participants to make happiness-work a priority. Offered both online and in-person.


Educational seminars and training to companies are also available on a variety of topics aimed to optimize the human potential, utilize strengths of the employees, decrease burnout, create a habitat that will provide employees with a foundation from which they flourish both professionally and personally, and provide opportunities for growth, safety, and meaning.


Corporations lose billions of dollars every year when negative emotions, lack of psychological fitness, and loss of motivation prevent staff from engaging or functioning at their full capacity. Research has linked worker happiness to a 12 percent increase in productivity and companies that promote positivity gain a 3.8 percent competitive edge in the stock market. Still, many companies keep spending money and energy on approaches that do not lead to increased benefits. They fail to realize that people want to work for a cause, not only a living and, as a result, do not recognize hidden potential within the foundations of their organization. This is where Sansona can help.

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